Why Choose the UK for a Premium Educational Experience?

UK residence by investment and educational consultants agree that since the COVID-19 pandemic, no industry has been under-the-spotlight more than education. Ever since schools embraced digital learning and homeschooling became the new norm, the UK government has sent the message: Education is the priority and our students’ success comes first.

Not only has the UK managed to maintain its high standard of education throughout the pandemic, but there is even more positive news. UK schools are bouncing back due to smart safety measures and a successful nationwide vaccination program that sees the majority of students now back in school.

Since March 2021, secondary-level education has returned to the classroom, with lessons adapted to provide top-level learning in COVID-secure environments.

Primary education has continued successfully throughout the pandemic and, at the highest level, universities are set to resume workshops and small classes in the near future (with practical courses already returning throughout the UK).

Private school consultants know that the UK is an international centre of excellence for education. There’s a broad range of schools available that a good independent school consultant can guide you towards. For younger students, these include a high standard of education at private, day and boarding schools. At university level, your university education consultant can signpost to a broad choice of internationally recognised universities that welcome students from around the world.

A private school consultant can advise on which schools offer extra-curricular activities, what additional online training is on offer - such as 1-to-1 tutoring for entrance exams – and how to navigate the school application process.

Once in school, students are often supported with additional help such as specialist teachers, higher education advisors, support programmes and online resources.

Student’s individual wellbeing and development are the priority, with policies in place at a national level to guide teachers to monitor students as individuals and design lessons that stretch and challenge learners at all abilities.

International students are welcome and school Placement Consultants along with university admission consultants are readily available to help parents as education advisors, in and outside of London.

Make the most of the remarkable educational opportunities in the UK’s many famous universities and excellent schools by speaking to an Educational Consultant. Take the first step to find out how your student could achieve academic success in the UK, today!

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