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Turkey Citizenship by Investment

A Brief Introduction to Turkey

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Istanbul bird's eye view

Turkey’s warm, sunny climes ensure that it remains a popular tourist hotspot, but it is so much more than just a resort destination. From ancient Ephesus (Efes) to the magnificent curve of Aya Sofya’s Byzantine dome, Turkey is home to many world-famous cultural and historic monuments. Influenced by an impressive list of historical figures and civilisations – the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans – have all left their distinctive marks on this important stop along the Silk Road. Experiencing this mighty legacy for yourself from İstanbul’s sprawling Topkapı Palace to the mysterious Lycian ruins is just one of the many benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment.

The country boasts a plethora of picturesque landscapes, but perhaps the most beautiful is to be found in Asian Anatolia, where visitors can enjoy breathtaking vistas provided by the sheer Mediterranean coastline and Cappadocia’s rocky ‘fairy chimney’ formations and wavy valleys provide an otherwordly view.

Turkey offers activities to suit every any taste. Soak in the warm sapphire waters of Patarap or kayak over Kekova’s sunken ruins. Take to the skies in a hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia or trek along the Lycian Way. In Turkey, adventure, relaxation and cultural enrichment are never far from view.

The Turkish citizenship program provides enviable opportunities to also access the UK and USA. In order to apply for a Turkish passport, the program requires that an investor elects to either deposit funds in a Turkish financial institution or purchase property. The reduced investment amount, fast-paced process and flourishing real estate market makes the Turkish program an increasingly popular citizenship solution.

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Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship Program Requirements

Turkey’s CIP requires the applicant to make a significant economic contribution to the country. In exchange, and subject to a thorough application procedure including due diligence and background verification checks, the applicants and their families are granted full citizenship.

To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age, meet all of the application conditions and satisfy the investment requirements. There are currently two routes to obtaining citizenship through the CIP programme:

Turkey Citizenship by Investment key features

Key Features of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

Your gateway to the UK, USA and beyond

Turkish passport holders are eligible to apply for a Turkish Businessperson visa, a unique opportunity to reside and acquire permanent residence in the United Kingdom available only to Turkish citizens. For those wishing to reside in the United States of America, Turkish citizenship also offers the opportunity to apply for an E-2 visa, the quickest and most efficient way to gain a long term residence visa in the United States. While the simplicity of making a deposit at a Turkish financial institution may be attractive for some, obtaining Turkish citizenship by property investment currently remains the most popular option among investors.

Application Timeline for the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

Turkey Visa Free Countries

You can visit 110 Countries with Turkey Citizenship.

Antigua and Barbuda
Armenia *
Bahrain *
Bangladesh *
Bosnia and Herzegovina
British Virgin Islands
Cambodia *
Cape Verde Islands *
Comores Islands *
Cook Islands
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Eswatini (Swaziland)
Gabon *
Guinea-Bissau *
Hong Kong (SAR China)
Kenya *
Kuwait *
Laos *
Lebanon *
Macao (SAR China)
Madagascar *
Maldives *
Marshall Islands *
Mauritania *
Mexico **
Mozambique *
Namibia *
Nepal *
North Macedonia
Pakistan **
Palau Islands *
Rwanda *
Samoa *
Sao Tome and Principe
Seychelles *
Sierra Leone *
Somalia *
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka **
St. Kitts and Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Sudan *
Taiwan *
Tajikistan *
Tanzania *
Timor-Leste *
Togo *
Tonga *
Trinidad and Tobago
Tuvalu *
Uganda *
Zambia *
Zimbabwe *

*Visa on arrival
** eTA

Turkey Citizenship Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Turkish citizenship expire at any time in the future?2021-02-09T10:56:24+00:00

No. Once you have held onto your investment for the minimum period of 3 years in accordance with the terms of the program, you will become a permanent Turkish citizen for life, as will any dependents that applied with you such as your spouse or children.

Are there financing options available in Turkey to purchase the property for my citizenship application?2021-02-09T10:56:40+00:00

Yes. However, we do not advise this as you would not be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship until you have fully paid off your loan or mortgage. However, if you can acquire financing from overseas for your property purchase, you would still be deemed as eligible for Turkish citizenship so long as the property has been paid for in full.

Will I need to give up my existing citizenship to receive Turkish citizenship?2021-02-17T13:27:51+00:00

No. The Turkish government recognizes dual citizenship and have no restrictions on the number of citizenships held by an applicant.

How long will it take to receive my citizenship and passport once I apply?2021-02-09T10:57:18+00:00

The average time to receive your citizenship certificate and passport is 3 to 6 months from the time your application is submitted.

Where can I travel to with a Turkish passport?2021-02-09T10:57:34+00:00

A Turkish passport would grant you visa-free access to 111 countries and territories. It also provides easy visa access to the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia through visa treaties.

Can my family members also receive Turkish citizenship together with my application?2021-02-09T10:57:53+00:00

Your spouse and all children under 18 years of age would automatically qualify to apply together with you as dependents and therefore also receive citizenship.

Will I be required to learn Turkish in order to receive my citizenship?2021-02-09T10:58:20+00:00

No, there is no requirement to learn Turkish in order to receive Turkish citizenship under this program.

Are there any residence requirements for the program? Will I be required to reside in Turkey?2021-02-09T10:58:35+00:00

There are no minimum residence requirements. You are not required to stay in Turkey for a set amount of days in a given year.

Is dual citizenship allowed in Turkey? Do I have to renounce my current citizenship after I acquire Turkish citizenship?2021-02-09T10:58:53+00:00

Dual citizenship is allowed in Turkey and there is not need to renounce your current citizenship.

Can the deposit of USD 500,000 be made in another foreign currency?2021-02-24T10:32:56+00:00

The deposit must be at least $500,000 or equivalent in foreign currency. After a must-hold period of three years this amount can be withdrawn.

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